Riverside General Site Regulations

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  1. Site Up-Keep: Tenant is responsible for lawn care and shoveling of paved areas within the boundaries of the Site. Tenant is responsible for mowing and trimming of the grass on the Site a minimum of once per week during summer months. Snow shoveling shall be completed in a timely manner which means within 24 hours following a snowfall.

  2. Outside storage of building materials, appliances, car parts, and other junk is not permitted.

  3. Trees and shrubs may damage community utilities or prevent free movement of homes in and out of the community. Therefore, trees and shrubs may only be planted with prior written consent of the Landlord. Tenant’s Rental Agreement also prohibits Tenant from removing any plantings unless Tenant has entered into a specific separate written agreement with Landlord.

  4. Satellite Dishes, Antennas, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines & Other Devices: No satellite dishes with a diameter greater than 1 meter, ground based solar panels, wind turbines, or other devices are permitted without written consent of Landlord. Any antenna must be placed by the Home so that the antenna runs up the side of the Home and must be securely attached to the Home without the use of guide wires. Antenna height is limited to 12 feet measured from the ground.

  5. No fences are permitted.

  6. Before digging, driving rods or posts, check with the Landlord for the location of underground utilities. A call to Diggers Hotline is also required.

  7. Each Home must display the address (or lot number) clearly on the exterior of the Home facing the street.

  8. Construction of any accessory building, structure, deck or attachment to the Home must be in accordance with the state building code. If a permit is required, the Tenant shall obtain a permit after receiving written permission from the Landlord. A copy of the permit shall be provided to the Landlord. In no case will chipboard or blandex be permitted as an exterior siding material. Any accessory structure must match the Home’s exterior color. A change of exterior color of the Home or accessory structure, deck or attachment will be approved only if the proposed color is in harmony with other existing Homes.

  9. If storing firewood, it must be stacked no higher than four feet. It must be stacked in a safe manner so it cannot topple over and must be located out of sight at the rear of the Home or behind an approved accessory structure. If grass is killed by the wood pile, it is the responsibility of the Tenant to replace the grass when the firewood is removed.

  10. All rubbish must be put in fly-tight garbage cans or trash bags. Recyclables must be separated in accordance with local recycling regulations. Tenant agrees to regularly and properly dispose of garbage and recyclable materials.

  11. If Tenant wishes to dispose of any large items, it is the responsibility of Tenant to make special arrangements, in accordance with local ordinance and laws, to dispose of such items. Any charges incurred by Landlord as a result of Tenant’s failure to comply with the above will be the responsibility of the Tenant.

  12. Window air conditioners are permitted if installed with wall brackets. Bracing from the ground is not an approved installation method.

  13. Tenant shall use only appropriate window coverings, such as drapes or blinds. Rugs, towels, blankets or sheets are not allowed.


  1. If the property is damaged as a result of the intentional acts, negligence, carelessness, or misuse by Tenant, Tenant will be responsible for the repair costs incurred by Landlord.

  2. Tenant must reimburse Landlord for any repair costs within fifteen (15) days of demand.


  1. Parking: Only 2 cars are allowed for each lot. No other vehicles or recreational equipment may be stored on a Tenant’s Lot or a Vacant Lot, without prior written consent of the Landlord.

  2. No on-street parking is permitted. All vehicles must be parked in approved parking spaces.

  3. The speed limit in the community is 10 mph. No Speeding in the Park is Permitted.

  4. No unlicensed or non-operating vehicles are permitted.

  5. No semi-trailers are permitted in the community.

  6. Cars must be parked so that they are not over hanging sidewalks or obstruction walkway.

  7. Working on, repairing, overhauling and changing of oil is not permitted on the streets of the community, but is permitted on the paved portions of Sites in the community only if appropriate safeguards are employed to prevent oil, fuel or other pollutants from spilling onto the ground. Safety measures shall be taken to prevent accidental injury to others. No vehicle under repair can be unattended. No vehicle may be in the community while awaiting repairs if it is incapable of movement under its own power for more than 24 hours.


  1. “For sale” signs are limited to one sign per Home.

  2. No other signs except political signs may be displayed. Political signs can be displayed 45 days before and up to 10 days after an election.


  1. Tenant is responsible for winterizing the Home and shall be responsible for any and all damages to the Landlord’s equipment if freezing is caused by the Tenant’s failure to properly winterize. It is recommended that Tenants run water at a slight stream, just larger than a drip, in the Home to prevent freezing when temperatures reach 0 degrees or colder.
  1. Foreign objects including but not limited to sanitary napkins, paper towels, and toys must not be flushed down toilets. The Tenant will be responsible for unplugging and repairing sewer pipes and drains caused by foreign objects.
  1. Water meters are the property of Village of Hawkins. No one is allowed to tamper or alter any meter for any reason, including but not limited to diverting the flow of water or bypassing the meter. Tampering will be considered a breach of the rental agreement. The landlord or meter owner may reasonably estimate the usage for as long as the landlord or meter owner believes the meter was tampered with and charge the Tenant accordingly. The Tenant will also be responsible for all costs to return the water service to its original condition.


  1. Installation of the Home shall be the responsibility of the Tenant. Home installation shall be done in accordance with State and Federal installation standards. Home installation shall be performed by a licensed professional home installer. Home must have a separate water shut-off valve installed for easy access.

  2. All utility hook-ups must be done in accordance with local and state regulations.

  3. Before removing the Home from the community, Tenant must give at least 24 hour notice to the Landlord. Home movement must be done during business hours Monday thru Friday. Transporters shall present the transportation permit and insurance to the Landlord.

  4. Axles, wheels and other transportation components necessary for moving the Home may not be sold, leased or removed from the Site without the Landlord’s permission.

  5. Steps must be constructed in accordance with state building codes and shall consist of materials resistant to the weather such as concrete or treated wood. Generally, all steps shall measure at least 3 ft. wide and a landing of at least 3 feet in the direction of travel shall be provided at the top of the stairs. The landing may not be more than 8 inches below the interior floor elevation. Stairs of more than 3 risers shall have at least one handrail. Handrails shall be provided on all open sides of stairs. (SPS 321.04)


  1. Only house pets are allowed in the community. A house pet is defined as a cat, dog or bird. No Aggressive Breeds are allowed.

  2. Tenant may have NO more than 2 pets.

  3. Cats and dogs must be Approved and Registered with the landlord before bringing into the Community.

  4. Cats and dogs must have a license and be current on vaccinations.

  5. Tenant agrees to clean up immediately after the animal and to dispose of any and all waste properly and immediately.

  6. If Tenant fails to clean up pet waste, Landlord will, after 48 hours of notice provided, clean waste and charge Tenant $100.00 for waste clean up.

  7. Tenants have a responsibility to maintain control over their pet so that the peaceful enjoyment of the community by all can be maintained. All pets must at all times be under the control of the Tenant via a leash when outdoors.

  8. Permitting pets to stray, allowing a pet to soil other Tenant’s lots, creating unreasonable noise, being unruly or causing complaints from other Tenants shall be cause for eviction.

  9. Pet fees if any are listed in the lease.


  1. Tenants are prohibited from lighting and using fireworks.

  2. Tenants are prohibited from using weapons of any nature in the park. This includes but is not limited to guns, rifles, shotguns, air pellet guns, BB guns, knives and tasers.

  3. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in any building owned by the Landlord. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on sidewalks or streets.

  4. Tenants will be held responsible for the conduct of all household Tenants and guests. Be sure all Tenants and invited guests understand the community rules.

  5. Your site is designed for residential use and not for the conduct of a retail business or any other enterprise prohibited by zoning or other ordinances pertaining to the community.

  6. No outside fires are permitted except in a barbecue grill. No firepits or other woodburning fireplaces are permitted. After use of a barbecue grill, ashes and debris created by the grill must be disposed of properly.

  7. No swimming pools or trampolines are permitted.


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